Career in Fine Arts : Courses, Jobs And Salary

Are you intrigued by the art exhibitions, dazzled by a specific engineering or painting, admirably there are individuals out there who work to get it made and make it an Art? A profession in Fine Artsis one which is the dark horse of this time, particularly in India.

A profession in Fine Arts would include subjects such as designing, sculpting, drama, music, pottery, interior designing, painting and much more similar subjects. It is a course which manages workmanship as a structure and spotlights on making objects based on ideas and thoughts, remembering the feel of that object rather than the utility.

Today individuals have woken up to the idea of expressions and its significance however we are still far away from how it is indifferent pieces of the world. Even though with its acknowledgment, this ordinary work of art has carried with itself the thought of encasing the chances and making it productive for business purposes. There has been a tremendous increase in this industry over the past few years, and today’s youth has started opting for the field on realizing the popularity, esteem and the kind of pay packages involved.

Eligibility and courses offered

To apply for Bachelor’s Courses in Fine Arts, the candidate must have passed their higher secondary education (10+2).

  1. 1. The general course span for UG courses in Finer Arts keep going for three to four years. (There are few colleges and universities are providing similar course)
  2. 2. Foundation Course: 6 months (SCM Design Institute, Navi Mumbai Kharghar is providing a 6-month foundation course with minimum fees and best facilities. Admission started and
  3. 3. For someone interested in applying for Master’s Courses in Fine Arts, they need to have passed their graduation in Fine Arts. The PG courses last for two years.

The field centers extensively around the painting, sculpting, applied art, graphic design, and mural design. You must have a creative streak and be able to learn and master various media to express your art. Universities normally sort out yearly craftsmanship and structure displays that get a basic audit from general society. A portion of the courses which are by and by being offered in India in Fine Arts incorporates

  1. International program in Visual Arts
  2. Diploma program in Painting, Textile Design and Photography
  3. Advanced Diploma in fashion design
  4. Diploma And Certificate Course in Computer Graphics
  5. Bachelors in Fine Arts
  6. One can likewise work in any of the accompanying courses
  7. Painting and drawing
  8. Illustration
  9. Dance
  10. Comics
  11. Printmaking and imaging
  12. Photography
  13. Conceptual Art
  14. Theatre
  15. Architecture
  16. Sculpture

Career Prospects

Graduates from this field get the decision of joining programming organizations, distributing houses, workmanship studios, outsourcing, and so on. There is a majority of people who are self-employed in this field and this enables them to work on pieces and work of their choice. One can begin filling in as a pundit or a craftsmanship master too yet this choice would require some past involvement in the field and a few hands-on occupations which exposes you to art so that you later have the option of knowing what you are criticizing or commenting on.

Many artisans freelance and make their living based on the work they do. However, you should keep in mind, that while doing this you will not only create but also promote on your own and this also brings along with itself the fear of an irregular income. Despite what might be expected of your work is extraordinary at that point there are incredible prizes for the work that you do, however, it will be a hazard which you will have to take to find out.

You can join inventive divisions of promoting offices, magazines, papers in the distributing business or the material business. Electronic media, films, and theatre are other options. The compensation has differed and furthermore relies upon your ability. You can likewise be a workmanship history specialist, craftsmanship vendor, workmanship advisor or craftsmanship instructor. Unfortunately, a couple of craftsmen have the advantage of winding up full-time painters or stone workers.

Salary expectancy

A fresher in this industry can begin his vocation with someplace Rs 10,000 every month that likewise relying upon the premise of your ability. People who work with popular magazines, publishing teams or advertising agencies can also expect to earn Rs 15,000 to 25,000 a month.

Colleges offering Fine Arts in India

colleges offering Fine Arts as follows:

Visva-Bharati, Kala Shanti Bhavan

  1. University of Delhi
  2. Sir JJ School of Arts, Mumbai
  3. Banaras Hindu University
  4. College of Art, Delhi
  5. LS Raheja School of Art, Mumbai
  6. Bharti Vidyapeeth, Kala Mavidyalaya College of Fine Arts, Pune
  7. Kurukshetra University
  8. University College of Fine Arts, Mysore
  9. Aligarh Muslim University
  10. SCM Design Institute, Navi Mumbai, Kharghar

Certification Course OF SCM DESIGN Institute in Fine Arts focuses on the below topics

Certification of a 6-month foundation course of Fine Arts is a standard undergraduate foundation for candidates seeking professional education in the visual or performing arts. To pursue, the minimum required qualification is the completion of senior secondary schooling from any recognized board of education.

  1. Art & Design Foundation
  2. Visual Research Skills
  3. Life Drawing
  4. Observational Drawing
  5. Creative Studies 
  6. History of Art & Design
  7. Media Exploration 
  8. Portfolio Development 
  9. Professional Practice