Do you have an artistic chord?

Connecting with your passion and making a successful career out of it may really seem like a daunting task. But with the right career directions and options, the process can become a cakewalk, albeit, your efforts and creativity would play a very important role to make it happen.

Having established our Engineering College in 2004, famously known as Saraswati College of Engineering (SCOE), we have been successfully making proud engineers (over 10000+ engineering graduates) for the past 15 years now.

This year we have taken the plunge into the arts zone providing world-class courses on topics like Fashion, Interior and Fine arts as well through our SCM College in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Designing is an extremely creative field that would fetch you many opportunities by developing new ideas and applying innovative concepts to make any dream venture a successful reality.

Thus with the proliferating number of career opportunities in the above-mentioned artistic fields, we want to bring a world-class educational platform for many aspirants just like you to help you fly high with your career choices.

Since we believe in quality education, we have a team of the best and eminent industry experts who would be teaching you the various designing concepts.

Here is a brief overview of all the three courses that we offer at SCM.

Interior Designing

With stalwarts like Gauri Khan, Twinkle Khanna, and many more popular names having made a larger than life career in this field, it is certainly one of the most popular fields that many aspirants desire to get into.
Also considering the mushrooming of the Indian Construction industry, and the spending power of people as well, this field has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years and is continuing to do so.

If you have the desire to beautify homes, make incredible spaces, work around with colors and creativity, then this field is surely for you.
Today’s world brings a lot of competition in the arena of Interior designing, that too like never before.
Therefore it would require you to have more insights on the topic, formal education and some practical exposure on the same.

We at SCM offer you the best of the Interior designing courses constituting out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to designing spaces, conducting workshops by industry experts, enabling you to understand the various tools such as AutoCAD of designing & making 3D design and models, etc.
Apart from this we also organize state-of-the-art exhibitions at SCM to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.
Hence the course that we have designed for you will enable you to apply great knowledge combined with creativity to help you fly higher in your career as an Interior designer.

Job prospects:

Having completed the course at SCM, you would be able to take up many opportunities such as Industrial Designer, designing workspaces, architectural designer, Design Manager, Retail Designer, Merchandiser, etc.
The career avenues as an Interior Designer are endless.
With everyone wanting to hire a professional Interior Designer to decorate their homes or be it office spaces, you can surely expect a lot of opportunities coming your way.

Fashion Designing

Having so many great names associated with the field of fashion designing like, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, and the likes, it is no doubt one of the most lucrative fields with excellent career opportunities.
Considering other upcoming brands like Tasta (Pune based start-up) and even Essence and Ethos, another fashion brand start-up, paving their way through the huge crowd of fashion designers, it is quite evident that anybody with the right attitude and enthusiasm can make it big in this industry.

Combining colours, textures, shades, innovative visualization, creating patterns, accessories, jewelry, playing around with fabrics, we would be guiding you through many more such creative tasks.

What more?

Various Fashion shows, workshops, Industrial walkthroughs by eminent fashion designers themselves, is what you will be offered at SCM.

Job prospects:

Well, as opposed to what everyone thinks about fashion designing, it is not just limited to Bollywood and designing their attire.
The scope of fashion designing stretches well beyond what we are thinking of making good-looking clothes.
You'll even be able to venture into Accessories designing, footwear designing, jewelry designing, makeup artists, etc.
And recently the most desired profile being a career as a Fashion blogger yourself.
Having your own venture is also a possibility with this course.
Or if you wish to work for a reputed brand to gain more experience, you can even do that by being a designing assistant, a manager, etc. The sky is certainly the limit here.

Fine Arts

The fine arts field is just the right career stop for you if you have oodles of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking power.
Combining various art forms of Visual and performing arts like music, creative writing, designing, drama, theater, dance, ceramics, sculpting, painting, graphics designing, metalwork designing, and much more.

With endless opportunities lined up your way, we at SCM believe in providing you with the right kind of platform and a runway for your career considering your artistic chord.
We conduct many exhibitions for you, workshops organized by the industry experts themselves, helping you with the nitty-gritty of the business, and much more.
We understand that every talent needs a platform to showcase your skills associated with Fine arts and that what we provide you with at SCM.

With many film industries desiring expert editors and visual effects for their movies, with 3D animation movies also taking a front seat, you can expect a lot to happen and stir in this industry.

Job prospects:

There are various platforms that are always in need of the right talents such as art galleries, music studios, art studios, theaters, animation and graphic arts, publishing houses, advertising agencies, manufacturing companies, online data visualization industry, etc. have become more
And the remuneration in this field is absolutely incomparable to any other fields, provided you have excellent creativity and an eye for detail.
We at SCM truly understand what it takes to fulfill your wishes to become a brilliant designer and also have the right contacts, which is quite mandatory these days.
Thus we also provide you with 100% placement assistance to get your career soaring higher.
We aim to become one of the greatest providers of designing courses blurring the boundaries between international designs and arts.