Why Housewives Should Learn Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when housewives were simply restricted to the kitchen. Presently in this 21st century, the ladies are housewives, guardians, Driver, IAS/IPS office, Ministers and much more to add to the rundown. Along with this, they are likewise utilizing innovation to remain refreshed constantly. Even if they want to learn any recipe, they are making use of YouTube to see the videos, they are using OLA to book ride or Bookmyshow to book a movie ticket. My mother does that! Now as the women have so much to do, they are now less dependent on husbands these days. To be more independent, there is Digital Marketing Courses for housewives which they can do and start a venture of their own. Digital marketing training for housewives is something that they ought to learn.

I always say one thing that a woman is the most hardworking human being from the rest. This is because homemaking itself is the biggest job in the world. So a lady or a housewife just can't be thought little of because she takes care of the home. On the off chance that she isn't taking care of the home, at that point who else will carry out this responsibility? But then again, a woman today has her dreams that she wants to fulfill, but as she has to look after the house, she cannot give much time to her profession.

In this blog, I will reveal to you 8 legends and reasons regarding why housewives ought to learn DM

1st Myth: Courses need big investment

Any start-up nowadays costs more than expectations and I understand this because I have been running start-ups for a long time now. If you have a budget of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 and want to invest 2/3 months then Digital Marketing is the right option for all Housewives out there. All the housewives always think about family more than their dreams and any investment is a bigger investment that too spending on their career.

The digital marketing course is of low investment. If you want to start your venture, then investing around ₹25,000 to ₹30,000 in a course is nothing. After the finish of the course, you will have your very own site and you would be alone gaining great pay each month. So for all intents and purposes observing the sum is nothing as the business is going to last more.

Online is the new thing today and if you are beginning with an online business, state a blog or member promoting or an advanced showcasing site, it is never going to fall short. You will always keep up with this kind of business. So being a housewife, if you are investing up to Rs. 30,000 in a digital marketing course, then do not worry, the investment to start a business is just minimal.

2nd Myth: Business need time Work whenever it might suit you

Every business needs time and you have to dedicate your quality time. Here, I am talk g to about quality time. If you are in a position to spend dedicated 2/3 hours a day then it is more than sufficient then it is done. Being a housewife, you have a lot of things to do. Cook food for the family, take care of the kids, do groceries and a lot of other things. So in this case, even if you are having a job or a business, it would be difficult for you to take time out for work. If you are learning computerized promoting, at that point, you will almost certainly work whenever the timing is ideal whenever.

For example, if you are having a blog or affiliate, then you can work it at any time when you are free from your daily schedules. Your baby wants to go to the garden, no worries, you can work at night as well.

3rd Myth: Can’t be your own business

When you are having an online business, you are your boss. You don’t need to report to anyone for anything. You can do everything at your simplicity and like I said in the above point at your comfort. This way, you will be able to put more effort into your work because you are not having any kind of peer pressure. This makes life and work easy at the same time.

4th Myth: This is not trending profession

Digital marketing is a trending profession. Each brand today is turning towards it because the group of spectators is there via web-based networking media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. So thusly, the brands are getting a more extensive group of spectators exactly at one spot by posting reports on these web-based social networking sites. So the profession is no doubt having a boom and you can surely succeed in here if you get the proper training.

5th myth: No Freelancing opportunities

Doing a course in advanced promoting can open up a great deal of outsourcing openings. You can compose content for other people, do internet based life showcasing, site advancement, illustrations planning to give some examples. The organizations nowadays are having a great deal of interest in every one of these regions and they lean toward specialists nowadays. So on the off chance that you learn advanced showcasing, at that point, you can turn into a consultant too which again makes you work whenever it might suit you.

6th Myth: Not Easy to learn. Its too technical

No digital marketing is not a technical tool. It is an internet marketing where you can interact with a lot of new things For example if you can’t able to develop the website on your own or can’t even in the position to hire a developer, start with the Facebook page. It will save time and cost too. Anything in this world, if taught properly is easy to understand. And the same goes for the digital marketing course. All you need is a decent guide who can show you the essentials of computerized advertising without hardly lifting a finger. So do not hesitate and think about the obstacles that you are going to face. Nothing is complete without the obstacles. So be bold and step out to learn something new. On the off chance that you are getting a decent tutor than make certain that you will probably comprehend everything appropriately.

7th Myth: Have to leave the house

The best part about learning computerized promoting is that you can work by sitting at home. Furthermore, being a housewife, nothing is charming than the way that you can acquire a decent measure of cash from your home at the same time caring for your family. So learning computerized promoting is whenever a helpful and right alternative for you as you won't desert any of your family unit obligation and you can work in your free time as well.

8th Myth. Cant able to fulfill your dream

You should have a fantasy to work or begin something all alone. So this is the time for you to step up and learn digital marketing so that you can chase your passion. If you are good at food making, then you can open up a You Channel and market your recipes in the best possible way. If you are passionate about writing then you can start with your blog or interested in stitching then start an online store.

So fundamentally, there will a wide scope of roads opened before you once you learn computerized promoting. So all you have to do is to go for it.

Digital marketing has a huge scope in the future ocean, and if you want to swim and win the race, you must follow the king. Furthermore, being a housewife of this mechanical period, you have a lot of things to investigate and actualize. This is your time to chase what you want to achieve in your life and if you are passionate about it, no one can stop you from getting it. All the best

By considering all the options in regards to housewives, I thought to start a Digital marketing course especially for housewives in Navi Mumbai. Being a mother and a lady entrepreneur, I am always interested in women empowerment and empowerment is possible with independence. This is a challenge that should be taken by every lady who wants to pursue her dreams by keeping her family happy.
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Vrushali Deshmukh,
Secretory, Saraswati Education Society,
Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.